Monday, November 7, 2016

Linkedin ProFinder Contest Entry

1. Describe your business. What impact has it had on you, your customers, and/or your community?
We are in the business of helping our customers with the largest and most personal transaction of their lives; the sale or purchase of their homes.  These are homes that their children grow up in, first steps are taken, birthdays are celebrated and memories are made for a lifetime.  Due to how infrequent selling or buying a home occurs, it is often a daunting process for a customer to navigate an extremely steep learning curve.  It is inspiring for us to play such an integral role in such an important event in our clients lives.  It is what gets us up in the morning and our driving force everyday.
2. How would you leverage LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder to maximize the impact of your business?

We were pleased to be one of the earliest Alpha testers of this product.  Our target is that Customers would find our proposals appealing, in order to give us the opportunity for us to have a consultation to see how we can fulfill and exceed their real estate needs.  This could be in regards to helping the customer to list and market their homes for sale, or understanding the customers requirements in the next dream home that they look to purchase.  We want the opportunity to be the team of choice for as many Linkedin customers looking for a real estate professional.

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