Monday, March 26, 2012

Featured on House Hunters Episode 5802!

I was featured on House Hunters Episode 5802, "Convenience is costly in the Bay Area". For a synopsis of the episode, details are available here:

Here is Part 1 of the Episode:

Here is Part 2 of the Episode:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Recent House Hunters Episode!

Heartfelt Thanks!

First off a big thank you to all of you who tuned into my House Hunters Episode HNT-5802H that aired on March 6th at 7PM/10PM pacific on HGTV. I've had so many pings on all social networking feeds from co-workers old and new, friends all the way back until high school and people I interact with everyday. It is amazing how many people watch this show! Also a big thanks to Debs and Ken for getting me to audition! I was so busy last year but I am so happy that we did this! I will try to post a video if it is ok with House Hunters!

For those of you that missed the episode here is the quick snippet: